Name: Katya Calafate Salgado Grilo Delimbeuf

E-mail: katyadelimbeuf@yahoo.com

Site: http://www.katyadelimbeuf.com

Date and place of birth: 14th of July, 1978, Lisbon

Nationalities:  French and Portuguese

Academic qualifications
---- Primary and Secondary Studies at Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, Lisbon, from 1982 to 1996 >> Final average: 18/20
---- 1996 to 2001: Undergraduate Studies, Media and Culture Studies, Media Studies Option (Comunicação Social e Cultural, Varianted Social), the Catholic University of Portugal. >> Final Average: 16/20

---- 1993: Diplôme National du Brevet
---- 1996: Baccalauréat (French Secondary School Leaving Exam) with Mention Bien (average 15), Literary Area
---- June 1997: Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Grade: A
---- June 2000: Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Grade A

Foreign Languages
---- French native speaker >> Baccalauréat with Mention Bien, grade 19 in French National Exam (High Level)
---- Portuguese native speaker >> grade 18 in Portuguese National Exam
---- Proficient in written and oral English >> Certificate of Advanced English grade A, Certificate of Proficiency in English grade A, grade 18 in English National Exam (High Level). Considered suitable for academic study in the United Kingdom.
---- Knowledge of German >> grade17 in the Baccalauréat

Other Activities
---- Ex-Member of the Lisbon Debating Society, a Debating Association that takes part in international competitions throughout the world (site: http://www.debating.net/lds )
---- 15-03-2000: National Team Member at King’s College IV Intervarsity, London
---- 18,19-03-2000: National Team Member in Royal Holloway Competition, also held in London
---- 6,7,8,9-04-2000: National Team Member at the European Debating Conpetition, held in Aberdeen, Scotland
---- 4-05-2000: Best Speaker in the First National Competition/British Council Trophy
---- 27-12-2000 to 3-01-2001: National Team Member for the Woòlds’ Debating Championship, held in Glasgow, Scotland
---- 4-05-2000: Participant guest in a cultural program on Portuguese National television (RTP), called “The Senators”.

---- 21-05 to the 3-06-12003: 'Workshop' on Litterary Fiction of the XXth century, given by Clara Ferreira Alves, known journalist, chronicler and writer.

Professional Experience

International collaborations
---- 26-11 to 10-12-2004: Preparation, contacts, translation and collaboration with French television station Canal Plus, for an investigation piece on José Manuel Durão Barroso, current president of the European Comission, for the program «90 Minutes» (work with journalist Thierry Vincent).
---- Regular collaborations as production assistent for the french TV station TF1:
---- 03 to 24-09-2003: Preparation, research and production of six subjects for the reporter team of Dominique Lagrou and Christelle Chiroux
---- 05 to 7-08-2003: Preparation and production assistent (on premises) for the reporter team of Stéphanie Lebrun and François Lescalier, on the fires in Portugal
>> Production of two daily subjects, for 13h and 20h news
---- 17, 18-06-2003: Preparation and production assistent (on premises) for the reporter team headed by Senior Reporter Nahida Nakad, on the «Casa Pia» scandal in Portugal

International colaborations
12-2005: Publication of an article in the canadien newspaper National Post /
08-2003 and 2-2004: Publication of two articles in french magazine Courrier International («Têtu comme un Otto Muhl» and «Non, Portugais ne rime pas avec maçon»)
12-2001: Publication of an article in brasilian magazine Veja («Portugal sem vinho»)

National colaborations
---- 10-2003 to present date: regular collaborations with portuguese travel magazine Blue Travel
---- Publications:
---- Manchester (Great Britain): 10-2003
---- La Grave (France) / Alagna (Italy): 03-2004
---- Berlin (Germany): 04-2004
---- Tux (Austria): 05-2004
---- Copenhagen, Skagen (Denmark): 07-2004 
---- Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek (USA): 09-2004
---- Salamanca (Spain): 01-2005
---- Panama: 02-2005
---- Namibia: 03-2005
---- Botswana: 03-2005
---- Zimbabwe: 05-2005
---- South Africa: 06-2005
---- Morrocco: 11-2005

---- 8 to 14th August 2010: Portuguese Delegate at the ESU (www.esu.org) International Relations Conference, at Oxford University

---- Publication of a short story in the book «Curtas-Letragens» (rights given to a child’s institution)

---- Summer 2004 : Member of a juri for a health prize attributed by Bristol-Myers-Squibb to an institution with relevant action in the area

---- June 2001 to present date: Permanent collaborator of the newspaper Expresso , in the society supplements (Revista, Vidas and now Única )

---- March to June 2001: Internship at Expresso , the most important national weekly newspaper

---- 23-06-2000 to 22-09-2000: Internship at Jornal de Letras, the Portuguese equivalent of the Times Literary Supplement / New York Review of Books

---- 30-10-2000: Conference presentation at the British Council: subject “Meet the A-Team” - ( learning techniques from the students’ perspective), conference organized by the British Council.

---- 2000: Translations for FISM (Fédération Internationale de Société Magique) and for the music company Foco Musical

---- 2000: Editor of the university magazine Éter

---- 1996-2000: Collaborated in my university faculty magazines Não and Éter, writing, correcting and revising texts

---- 1996-1999: Worked at the Catholic University’s Opinion Poll Surveys as an interviewer in the field.

David Hardisty, English Leitor,
Media and Culture Studies Dept
UCP, Palma de Cima, 1600 Lisboa
Tel. 351-21-7571929  or 351-96-4401554
Email: David.Hardisty@ip.pt